We exist to build authentic relationships by serving others.


We will differentiate ourselves by making it easy to do business with our customers, having a positive and family-oriented work environment, and by having a strong reputation with tenured and experienced staff and top tiered manufacturers. 


Faith in God - We believe that our strength and success comes from God alone and are called to be His stewards. 

Family - We believe we are more than just a company; we are a family that genuinely cares for one another.

Servanthood - We believe in humbly serving others before serving self.

Ownership - We believe in taking initiative by not waiting on others and taking responsibility to do the right thing as if you were the owner of the company.


We assist and support in the design and procurement of HVAC and Plumbing products in the commercial market. 



System Design

Mechanical Reps, Inc. has an experienced engineering sales staff to assist consulting engineers and owners with all aspects of system design. From water and air movement applications to the most complex systems such as LEED compliant projects and ultra efficient central plants, Mechanical Reps' HVAC and Plumbing experts will help deliver the best design solutions.

Equipment Selection

As one of the largest and most established representative firms in Texas, we can help you select the best equipment from the highest rated manufacturers to your specifications and requirements. From load calculations and duct design to the right air registers and grilles, our HVAC and Plumbing experts will ensure that the components of the HVAC system are working together at peak efficiency.

Service Department

Our service staff can assist in the commissioning of a wide variety of applied equipment from cooling towers to variable speed drives and more. Contractors depend on our level of expertise for installation requirements and troubleshooting of specialized equipment. Through our service department we continually support the HVAC and Plumbing industry by offering product training for owners, engineers and contractors.


Mechanical Reps, Inc. features a fully stocked warehouse with a complete line of HVAC and Plumbing products available for pick-up or delivery. Please see our stock book for detailed information.